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Motocross Race Serie 2008

We are looking forward to the upcoming season 08. 12 races are planned in addition to some new events. The current MXRS team remains loyal to us and there will also be some new ones. We hope of course that your driver finds the way again to our events. NEW in addition to the MXRS series we have decided to hold some races with the FMS i.e. Swiss Master event and Juniors in Günsberg and the 65er Cup to promote young talent.

So continue to be as disciplined on the racecourse as you have been so far, especially in these difficult times it is enormously important!

MXRS will do everything so that we can also in the future beautiful and great events.

Motocross Race Serie 2007

Almost exactly three years ago, the first MXRS riders met in Ichertswil in Solothurn the first MXRS event ever.
What began then on a small scale has since developed into an established and very well known offroad racing series. Despite some difficulties and setbacks, but above all thanks to permanent improvements and a more professional approach, MXRS is now the most important organizer of motocross races in the German-speaking part of Switzerland. This has spread so far that the MXRS managers were approached by the Federation of Swiss Motorcyclists (FMS) to organize Swiss championships in the various categories. The FMS has the national sports authority in matters of motorcycle racing in Switzerland and is a member of the FIM (International Motorcycle Federation) and Swiss Olympic. After many discussions, it was concluded that MXRS will organize an event for Swiss Motocross Masters and a race day for juniors/youngsters in 2007. These two season highlights will take place on June 10th in Mümliswil and on August 12th in Niederbipp.
Despite all the improvements and the integration of the two Swiss championship events, the riders of the MXRS championship are still in the foreground. Freely after the motto: Fun and joy comes before everything else!!!

Motocross Race Serie 2006

The Motocross Race Series will be held again in 2006. This year we will also race in the Bernese Jura for the first time.
A new category at MXRS

The category Piccolos has been added to the Motocross Race Series.
Motocross races for every level

The one-time license fee is CHF 20.00 for the categories Minis and Piccolos and CHF 50.00 for all other solo categories. The interest in MXRS is still very high and the license registrations are running at full speed. An MXRS license can be purchased by filling out the registration form. The upcoming MXRS championship is sure to be a lot of fun and enjoyment.

Motocross Race Serie 2005

One thing is now certain, the Motocross Race Series will organize races in the Solothurn-Olten region again in 2005. At which venues MXRS wants to guest, will be announced after publication of the association calendar. There will be some administrative changes, but they should not affect riders.
Two new categories at MXRS

The categories Enduro and Oldtimer have been added to the Motocross Race Series, the latter of which will contest its Swiss championship.
Motocross races for every level

The one-time license fee for the categories Minis is CHF 20.00 and for all other solo categories CHF 50.00. Newly, every rider who wants to participate in an MXRS event should register until Thursday 12.00 noon before the race. A supplement of CHF 15.00 will be charged for place registration. The interest in the MXRS is still very high and the license registrations are running at full speed. An MXRS license can be acquired by means of an application form. The upcoming MXRS championship is sure to be a lot of fun and enjoyment.

Motocross Race Serie 2004

The most successful motocross rider in Solothurn changes fronts. The 30-year-old Christian Chanton from Luterbach launches a Motocross Race Series (the name of the IG, MXRS for short) in 2004.
Spectacle for the riders

Christian Chanton, who successfully competed in the Swiss Motocross Masters Series for more than ten years, knows what he will emphasize in his races. "The riders should have fun!" Dancing will take place in various solo categories as well as classes. On the basis of a qualifying run, the class division and the starting order will be made. At the end of the regional motocross race series, an overall winner will be chosen for each category, based on a specific points catalog.
Start in April 2004

The Motocross Race starts on April 10, 2004, i.e. on Easter Saturday in Ichertswil, Solothurn. A license can be purchased for the series. Each rider will receive a fixed start number and there is no obligation to participate. Chanton is teaming up with Janic Marty for the event, who is responsible for the entire administration. The 18-year-old from Niederwil competes in the 125cc class in the international SAM and Swiss Motocross Masters championships.

MXRS 2014

Motocross Race Series 2014

The schedule for 2014 is now fixed and we are looking forward to many interesting races. The series starts in March in Moutier BE and ends with the final in Zuckenriet SG in October. The event in Günsberg has been moved to Rumisberg BE. Newly planned are a hole-shot series with 3 races. Definitely included is Obbürgen NW with a Hole-Shot race. The other 2 races of the series will be announced. Eligible are all drivers who qualify through the day for the Hole-Shot. In this series there is the category Super-Race with a seperate classification and prize money and the categories Amateur, where the remaining MXRS solo categories can qualify and will also receive a prize money. More details for this Hole Shot series will follow.
At the moment nine events are fixed. These are: March 15/16, 2014 Moutier BE (postponement date 1: March 22/23, postponement date 2: April 26/27), May 03/04, 2014 Balm b. Günsberg SO(postponement date to follow), May 17/18, 2014 Willisau LU (postponement date to follow), May 31/01, 2014 Stüsslingen SO (postponement date: June 21. /22. June), 19./20. July 2014 Rumisberg BE, 26./27. July 2014 Obbürgen NW, 02./03. August 2014 Rickenbach LU, 16./17. August 2014 Staffelbach AG (postponement date follows), 04./05. October 2014 Zuckenriet SG (postponement date: 18./19. October) Further races are still planned. At which races the additional categories like sidecars, oldtimers and regional club classes will race are not yet definite.
So come on riders, start training and if you don't have a license yet for the new season, get it as soon as possible, because it will start soon.
MXRS wishes you all a successful and accident-free 2014 season!