ProRace Class Information

1st ProRace race starts in Ottobiano Italy on June 20, 2021.

We are happy that the ProRace class will finally start on June 20th. New prize money adjustments can be found in the current ProRace regulations and the current list of riders can be found online in the FB under @MXRS Motocross Race Series and @SAMSchweiz. Now there will be in the annual championship for the 1st-3rd placed a championship prize money. The full prize money will be paid out at the race in Ottobiano.

The ProRace series was designed not to collide with the FMS calendar. Due to corona-related postponements, an existing ProRace weekend will now be affected for the second time afterwards. Für Amriswil, on whose date Payerne now also takes place, we have no choice but to do without the ProRace class. On the date of Zuckenriet, Cossonay was now pushed. However, we have decided to give the ProRace series in Zuckenriet on Saturday a startmöglichkeit, so that this class also comes to its championship entryätze. However, the last run will be finished at 2.00 p.m.

We hope for your solidarity, because this ProRace series, which we have launched for you drivers, has only such a chance. The ProRace series is not a competition to the traditional Swiss Championship with the two classes MX1 and MX2, the ProRace series should be a supplement to raise the level in Switzerland and to fördern the offspring. We also want to make the drivers, who make a big training effort, an additional merit. The spectators will thus be able to present the best Swiss drivers in a class, which will provide a lot of action and excitement. We hope that the importers and other sponsors will also support their drivers to participate in this series.

Pro Race Driver List (as of 2.6.21)

Regulations Pro Race

For  MXRS: Christian Chanton

For SAM: Gisela Hilfiker

Forgotten return back transponders

Who has forgotten the transponder should please return it as soon as possible (must be loaded for the next MXRS event). The deposit will be charged at the next MXRS race. Thanks a lot


Chanton Christian

Underpass 26

4542 Luterbach