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Infos and timetabel Ebersecken 28./29. May 2022

After a long MXRS race break, it finally goes on at the end of May so on 28/29 May 2022 in Ebersecken LU.
On the beautiful natural track with nice up- and downhills.
We are happy to be able to hold this new event with the Guggenmusik Ebersecken.  There are all MXRS categories at the start according to the schedule.
On Saturday the SJMCC Kids classes (50/65/85) and the OMC Oldtimer classes (65/75/TS) and on Sunday the SAM classes Juniors and National as well as the ProRaceSeries.
We are looking forward to seeing you all, whether spectators or drivers.
see you in Ebersecken
Schedule online here
Registration via www.Racemanager.ch day licenses also available via www.Racemanager.ch
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So see you then we are looking forward
The whole MXRS Team
with all its helpers

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Timetabel Ebersecken 301 KB

New update MXRS Calendar 2022

The 2022 MXRS race calendar had to be readjusted. Unfortunately, the race in Zuckenriet will not take place in 2022. But we have brought the Schlossrued event forward to this date, so Schlossrued will now take place on July 9/10 or the postponement date 16/17 July.

The ranking of the MXRS categories of the events can also be found under the race calendar, SAM riders can see their divisions under www.s-a-m.ch, SJMCC under www.sjmcc.ch

Start of the MXRS Open/Women class in Ebersecken  only on Saturday 28 May 2022

MXRS Kids courses are an exception at  / Schlossrued / Ichertswil events only on Saturdays the start of the MXRS Kids 85 and only on Sundays the MXRS Mini 65

Thank you for your understanding

Next MXRS Ebersecken event on 28/29 May 2022, register now in the Racemanager, the daily licenses will also be solved via this Racemanager.

In case of ambiguity or questions, please contact us at info@mxrs.ch or 032 682 13 64.

So we wish you a good time

remains healthy and until then in the next MXRS race

Chrigu and the entire MXRS team

Forgotten return back transponders

Who has forgotten the transponder should please return it as soon as possible (must be loaded for the next MXRS event). The deposit will be charged at the next MXRS race. Thanks a lot


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